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I'm a writer, story teller, poet, essayist, grammarian, laureates and writes in both English and odia literature. Working as sub Asst registrar of Coop societies under odisha state govt. I have completed diploma in Coop management and M.A in odia. I have qualified eligibility for lectureship from UGC. I am author of story book - 'gaonru pherichi gaon hajichhi ', 'phusia Maa 'and' Nila Gaganar Pathika', poem collection - 'atma jeunthi katha kahe' English Grammar book - 'Capsule course of English Grammar' My details Name : Satya Praksh Sethy Date of Birth : 1968 Father’s Name : Purusottam Sethy, EX-M. L. A from Bhandari pokhari constituency (1980 - 85) Gender : Male State : Odisha Nationality : Indian Profession/Occupation : govt service, Social Service & Writing. Postal Address : At-Ranipada, PO- Tarago , Via Bonth, Dist - Bhadrak , ODISHA, India, Pin code - 756114 Mobile No- Email Id : Website :- Religion : Hinduism Category : Scheduled Caste 2. Field of Activity - Arts Sub field- Social Service, writing 3. Citation- Serving people with best satisfaction of govt and public with topmost sincerity and honesty. I enjoy the trust of people for my selfless performance, dedicated service, welfaric attitude, benevolence work and dauntless handling of situations. I write poem,short stories, essays, scripts and autobiography, biography, research articles and also write in all most all literary fields both in Odia and English literature. Thousands of my articles and writings have been published in WordPress and and also in other e-magazines like aahwaan e-patrika and and some other e-magazines and portal also.I write mainly poems and stories depicting chiefly on social issues and same have been published in almost all leading magazines of Odisha and outside.Lots of my literary creations have also been published in daily news papers. Especially e-magazines like aahwaan e-patrika banamalli e-patrika and site allot him enough space for my writings bearing social comments. I'm also editing one Odia magazine "Basanta Bahuda patrika.I'm using almost all social medias and site like twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, page, etc wherein I keep my literary works for public benefit and awareness. Further I'm engaged in imparting services to people through charitable institutions like Gangadhar seva sadan, Gopabandhu seva sadan and charitable Trust. I work for needy people who are helpless and who have forlorned with hope of no help from any quarter.I stand before their sick beds and arrange help for education of their talented children. Even I spend my leisurely hours to render coaching and education to needy scholars in free of cost creating in them a zeal for a better career and future. Not only a selfless social worker I'm also a very good orator who goes amidst the people and make them aware of social ills and evils prevelant in our country. At present, I talk to them with a sacred mission of creating a congenial social environment in which all can lead a peaceful life by mutual co-operation and self help. A society free of selfishness, greed, intolerance and avarice is my dream of life. I have written many research work, one of notable of them is" "SOCIO, CULTURAL, POLITICAL AND ECONOMY OF ODISHA THROUGH AGES "in English. I use to write on different social and current topics to create awareness among downtrodden . I ventilate educative messages for good of public and their awareness in different fields. I tried a lot to boost the morality and self-confidence among the youth who have been despaired out of worries, lack of confidence and job opportunity. I managed to publish three story books, one anthology of poems in Odia which have gained worm acclaim from a large number of readers. Three story books are: Gaonru pherichi gaon hajichhi Nila gaganar pathika Phusia Maa and the anthology of poems in Odia is "Atma jeunthi katha kahe". In addition to all those I have compiled the book "Capsule course of English Grammar" In all above literary creation I have put emphasis on true meaning, purpose and different aspects of life. I have focused light on many social issues that can make readers vigilant against numerous problems earned from different quarters. Further more a number of regional and state level awards and honours have been rewarded to me for my outstanding literary contributions and ardent involvement in social works. I have also organised a number of awareness programmes in different fields for the betterment of the public. I'm also a film story writer and recently wrote the story for Bekari no 1. Further more I have written a number of stories for TV serials and episodes. In some T V programmes I anchore for the episodes. I have also played role in film "No 1 Bekari "and" Jhia Mo Jagata Jita" and won best actor awards. I keep always interest in different social wirks.When my father was M. L. A from Bhandari pokhari constituency and I had provided him lively support and cooperation in his social activities in establishing many schools, high schools colleges and other benevolent associations and institutions within his constitution area. I used to form some groups of my friends to collect money and material for prompt assistance to victims of flood and cyclone and natural calamities occurred in different parts. I believe in sacred dictum of human service and accepts service to mankind as service to God. I never think my literary pursuit and involvement in cultural activities are sheer vagaries done only for some entertainment shake. Rather I have accepted my literary and cultural activities as very powerful medium to create public awareness against numerous social malaises. It is true that even after a long years of independence society, at large, has remained vulnerable to number of superstitions, blind beliefs and inhygenic practices for which people of this country suffer a lot for their innocent faiths and traditional practices. Indian society is not, yet, free from castism, parochial regionalism, religious intolerance and unhealthy social practices. I have decided to dedicate my whole life in eradicating these stigmas from indian social life, so that we can be boasted of a developed nation of ours. In my view a life dedicated to the nation is worth-living. I perform all my works with that vision and attitude. Whether it is literatures or cultural activities or social service everywhere I dream a piece of a peaceful and prosperous India. 4. For Significant Contributions - Awards/Recognition received : Received many national, state and regional awards because of contribution in literary field as well as in social activities, some of notables are (1) State Awards-1.Received "SAHITYA SARATHI UPADHI" (title) a state level award from SCART, ODISHA in 2019 2-Received PRATIBHA SAMMAN from Astaraga Sahitya Sanskruti pratisthan, Apitira, Balasore 3-Received SEBAJYOTI honour from Bhadrak District Trust Board because of significant service in social Work. 4-Received state level award NATYACHARYA PRATIBHA SMARAKI SAMMAN from Gana Natya Raghunath Panda Smruti Sansada. 5-Received MATIRA MAHAK award from Odisha Pujtapuja Parishad 6-Received BIDYALAYA RATNA SAMMAN from Tarago High School, Tarago 7-Received PRATIBHA SAMMAN from Dr Harekrushna Jayanti Committee for outstanding literary ability v) National/International Awards- 1-Got ELIGIBILITY FOR LECTURERSHIP from UNIVERSITY GRANTED COMMISSION through a national level test . 2. Story mirror designated and confer upon me the title LITERARY COLONEl for my outstanding achievement in literary field and readers admiration. 3. Received a national level AUTHOR OF THE WEEK award, nomination for AUTHOR OF THE YEAR AWARD from STORYMIRROR 4.-the poem AYIKANTIKA ICHHA and MANA PARA GANGA JALA won award from story mirror in poem competition. 5-the story SAHITYIKA DHIRA BABU - EKA AKALAN, PHUSIA MAA and SARAGA TALE won best prizes from story mirror story competition 6. Impact of the work done by :         Through my creative activities in literary field I have tried to throw light on the plight of downtrodden people of the society who need our help and sympathy for their upliftment. As a state we can not breathe peacefully untill the peace and prosperity do not reach all the corners of the society.     Through my social and cultural activities I have tried to amiliorate the woes of afflicted people and provide them with their minimum requirements for sustenance. Awareness has been created so that they can save themselves from their health hazards, superstitions and religious intolerance that we need for a peaceful Co-existence.         Through my literary persuit, writing film scripting and playing role in drama, stage show, films and T V serials I have tried to provide general public with minimum enjoyment and educative precepts as well.         The people of the country may remain in peace and harmony that is my wish. MY WISH : You may believe or not I will die tomorrow, it is must What shall you do for me Will you cry for a longer Will you be ready to go with me No, I know you can’t do that. You can go up to my grave You can observe my mourn For maximum a certain period Then you will all forget me Forget my contribution and sacrifice Forget my love and affection. You can’t give back me all those Only you can pay homage with a garland That might be my reward For the work of my whole life However, I shall not be worried A MORSEL OF RICE : Love my nation Love thy people Love thy literature The ‘Odiya’ my mother- tongue The pridest medium of expression And communication, as an sanskrit born Obliged,not that made my expression So soften and lovely together Because of…….. Owe to them, received from Alms, a morsel of RICE That’s the art of living, art of love And very purpose of my life Paying back, today, all these Sharing it among you all At last I'm sincerely praying to God to create an adherent interest in me for selfless service in the field of social work and literature. Once again I wish you all the best and pray to God for doing justice for all.